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Discover Backblaze, the simplified cloud backup solution for unlimited data backup on Windows and Mac.

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Backblaze - Cloud Backup Made Easy for Windows and Mac

Discover Backblaze, the cloud backup solution that makes it easy to protect your precious data, whether you're using Windows or Mac. What makes Backblaze the best option for backing up your files online? Let me explain.

Easy and simple

When it comes to online backup software, many claim to be simple to use. At Backblaze, they've really made this true, from start to finish. The installation experience is a prime example. Unlike other services that ask you to manually select the types of files to be backed up, Backblaze doesn't ask you any complicated questions. We know that most users don't know where all their files are on their computer, so they've simplified the process. Nor do you have to worry about adding new folders to your backup every time you create one. Sure, it means some extra files will be backed up, but the ease of use and peace of mind are worth it. You download and install Backblaze in less than a minute, and start backing up your data instantly.

Lightweight performance

We hate software that slows down our computers, which is why they've worked hard to optimize Backblaze. They've put measures in place to minimize the impact on your PC or Mac's performance. For example, they only read data once and perform a slow disk scan. The result? Backblaze uses less than 1% of your computer's CPU and memory on average. What's more, Backblaze installs no drivers and opens the files it saves in read-only mode, guaranteeing your computer's stability.

Native C code

Instead of taking shortcuts by creating a Java application that can run on many platforms, they wanted to create a product that was integrated and responsive on your PC or Mac. That's why they developed Backblaze using C code, considered the best programming language in the world.

Protect Your Data

Backblaze offers a range of features to ensure your data is protected:

  • Automatic backups
  • Security and Encryption
  • Off-site backup
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited File Size
  • Unlimited File Retention

Backblaze is one of the best data backup solutions on the market.

Why choose Backblaze?

Backblaze is the most affordable backup solution for a computer, offering unlimited online storage at a great price. Its user-friendly interface is suitable for both Windows and Mac users. With Backblaze, installation is straightforward, and downloads start quickly with the default settings. You can also adjust file retention times and update options to suit your specific needs.

Backblaze supports external drives connected to your computer, which is handy if you have a second drive full of media, documents or other less frequently used files.


All in all, Backblaze is the ideal choice for most users who want a simple, affordable and reliable backup solution for their Windows and Mac data. Protect your important files with ease and peace of mind by choosing Backblaze. Back up your digital world today.

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