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MYM Fans - A Content Monetization Platform for your subscribers

Discover MYM Fans, a content monetization platform that offers creators the chance to earn by sharing their content. MYM is the second best-known platform after Onlyfans.

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MYM Fans - The second-best content monetization platform for Adult Content Creator

Discover MYM Fans, the platform that's revolutionizing online content monetization. Designed for content creators, MYM Fans offers unique features and an opportunity to earn a steady income. Like OnlyFans, MYM has made a name for itself among creators of adult content, especially in France, where the platform originated.

Monetize your content

MYM Fans is a social network that enables content creators to monetize their work. You can share exclusive content, whether videos, photos or other media, with your followers. However, your fans must subscribe to your profile to access this premium content. MYM Fans is a premium platform, which means that your fans pay a monthly fee to access your content.

The platform offers different remuneration rates depending on the services provided. MYM Fans is recognized as the platform of choice for creators of adult content, especially in France. You have the freedom to offer any type of adult content to your subscribers, enabling you to earn an attractive income.

Privacy and security

MYM Fans attaches great importance to protecting the privacy of its models. They have a team dedicated to monitoring model privacy and security. You can publish your content with complete peace of mind, knowing that your privacy is respected.

Custom Content and Billing Options

A remarkable feature of MYM Fans is the ability for creators to offer personalized content to their fans. Fans can submit requests for specific content, which you can accept or decline. For example, a fan can request a personalized recipe, a customized video or an exclusive photo.

As far as fees are concerned, MYM Fans takes a commission on subscriptions.

Push Media and Annual Subscriptions

MYM Fans also offers push media, enabling content creators to send price-locked media to current and former subscribers. This feature allows creators to earn money by offering paid content, and encourages former subscribers to buy your content or even re-subscribe.

Whether you're a creator of adult content or simply want to monetize your passion, MYM Fans offers endless possibilities for earning money by sharing your exclusive content. Join MYM Fans today and start creating a steady income online.

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